Get started with content marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build trust and increase site traffic. In this topic, you'll learn how to write for online audiences, organise production and promotion, choose the right format based on your content, and track your content marketing su

With so many businesses and brands online, content marketing is a valuable tool in helping you to stand out. In this lesson, we'll explore:

  • what content marketing is, and why it can add value to an online business
  • best practices for creating your own content marketing strategy.

Making sure you are saying the right thing, to the right people, and are connecting with them at the right time is critical when it comes to content marketing. In this lesson, we'll explore:

  • what audience segmentation is and how it can benefit a business
  • how to use audience segmentation to boost your content marketing efforts
  • some of the tools and systems available to help you segment your audience correctly.

Content is much more than just text on a screen. From entertaining GIFs to blog posts, whitepapers, and full-length videos, understanding which content format can make the most impact on your audience is critical. In this lesson, we'll explore:

  • popular online content formats
  • the four main purposes for content marketing
  • how to match different formats to your content goals

When it comes to writing for the web, there are key considerations to keep in mind which will help make online reading as enjoyable as possible. In this lesson, we'll explore:

  • how online audiences and offline audiences differ in their the way they read content
  • why it's important to adapt your writing style to an online audience
  • tools and systems to help support writing copy for the web.

Once you've created content, knowing how to distribute and promote it online is key to getting the reaction that you want. In this lesson, we'll explore:

  • the channels available to promote and distribute content effectively
  • how a content calendar can help you organise your content marketing activities
  • best practices that ensure your content gets the attention it deserves.

Knowing how well your content performs once it's published online will help you understand your audience, as well as provide you with insights as to how to improve campaigns in the future. In this lesson, we'll explore:

  • the tools available to help track the success of your published content
  • key metrics used to measure the success of content marketing campaigns
  • how to use data gathered to better meet goals in future campaigns


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